Dandruff 0

Get Rid of Dandruff

12 months ago

Dandruff is an unsightly, uncomfortable, and embarrassing problem — but there are many ways to eliminate it, and they do not all rely on harsh and abrasive chemicals. Tea ...

symptoms of multiple sclerosis 0

Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis

12 months ago

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is an unpredictable, often disabling disease of the central nervous system that disrupts the flow of information within the brain, and between the brain and body. ...

care for your nails 0

Care For Your Nails

12 months ago

Nails are covering tips for our fingers. Our nails are made of several layers of a protein called keratin, nails are formed at he edge of the nail under the ...

de-worming Your child 1

De-Worming Your Child | Apollo Edoc Blog

12 months ago

Worm infestations often cause serious health problems and impact a child’s ability to attend and perform well in school. It produces nutritional deficiencies, anaemia, stunted physical and mental growth, psycho-social ...