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Do preschool and playschool kids get sick often?

7 months ago

The environment in preschools and playschools is perfect for transmission of viruses. Hence, it’s normal for toddlers to get sick when they start group child daycare. Many of the ...

Viral Infections in Children 0

Recurrent Infections in Children

7 months ago

Do you feel that your kid is not able to cope with the changing seasons? Does he/she have recurrent symptoms of infections? Yes, it can be quite vexing and ...

Tips to Manage Childhood Asthma

7 months ago

One of the dreadful sights for a parent is to watch their child fight for air, unable to breath, due to asthma. You know you want to do everything ...

5 easy and natural remedies for Kidney Stones

7 months ago

A kidney stone is a hard, crystalline mineral material formed within the kidney or the urinary tract. The urinary tract includes the kidneys, ureters, bladder, and urethra. Kidney stone ...

Potassium Diet for Adults on Hemodialysis 0

Hemodialysis Diet

7 months ago

Hemodialysis is the most common way to treat advanced kidney failure. In hemodialysis, a machine filters wastes, salts and fluids from your blood when your kidneys are no longer ...

Symptoms of Gastritis 0

Gastritis. A painful nemesis!

7 months ago

Gastritis has become a common phenomenon among young as well as adults in India due to fact that our food contains high amounts of spices. Current lifestyle of working ...

Heart Attack 0

Early Signs & Symptoms of a Heart Attack

7 months ago

Saif Ali Khan was rushed to Lilavati Hospital after he complained of severe chest pains…… It was a heart attack. However Nawab fought it out “Mr. Ramesh Chander Chadha ...