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Why Do I Have Gas?

4 months ago

An hour or two after a sumptuous Indian lunch, anyone would have a strange commotion in their stomachs and the feeling to be left alone would be predominant. Yes, ...

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What is Constipation?

4 months ago

What is Constipation? Unable to have normal bowel movements is quite irritating and it affects our lifestyle drastically. What with our hectic lifestyles, fast food, and lack of exercise, ...

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Signs You Might Have Throat Cancer

4 months ago

People might be astonished when informed that there were days when common cold was the most dangerous disease. Even though we, as humans, are making tremendous progress in various ...

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Is Alcohol Actually Good for Your Heart?

4 months ago

Most of you who would love a snifter would want the answer to be affirmative. In fact, the moment the answer is given some of you might be wetting ...

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Is It A Cold Or Flu?

5 months ago

Right now in urban and rural India, the situation is the same. You may have common cold at any time of the year! Gone are those days when people ...