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Brain Tumour: Signs and Symptoms

4 weeks ago

Is It a Brain Tumor? It all starts with a headache. There is nobody who did not have a headache till now. It is one of the most common ...

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Donate Blood, Donate Life.

1 month ago

3 million units. That is the amount of blood shortage in our country according to a World Health Organization report. With a population of 1.2 billion, it is a shame ...

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Quit Smoking!

2 months ago

What do you call a person who kills himself slowly over a long period of time? A psychopath? No, you call him a smoker. “Smoking is injurious to health.” ...

Happy Mother's Day 0

Happy Mother’s Day!

3 months ago

A woman is one of the greatest creations on earth. Every stage of her life is a marvel, she is born to spread happiness, grows up to emanate beauty, ...

World Thalassemia Day 0

World Thalassemia Day

3 months ago

Thalassemia is basically an inherited blood disorder. People suffering with thalassemia have abnormal levels of haemoglobin. Thalassemia contributes to excessive destruction of RBCs or red blood cells. This in ...

World Asthma Day 0

World Asthma Day

3 months ago

Spending time with your family is one of the best recreational activity for any human being. When all the elders, youngsters and toddlers are together and just spending time ...

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How Alzheimer’s Gets Diagnosed

5 months ago

It starts with forgetting your phone, your car keys and ends with forgetting your car itself. Imagine coming out of the cinemas and getting frustrated as to where you ...